bullbar for SUV, offroad-cars, Pickup, Van, Transporter

bullbar embellish the appearance of an SUV, offroad-car, pickup, transporter, van

Experience with bullbar since 1984, our first complete conversion, a Suzuki 413 was already equipped with it.
At that time were still bullbar, which went around the headlights usual.
There were also huge temples with a diameter of 101 mm. – They were very impressive. 🙂

Complete remodeling Suzuki 413, with front bar, built in 1984
Complete remodeling Suzuki 413, with front bar, built in 1984

Current bullbar are available, depending on SUV:

* Polished Stainless Steel
* Stainless steel black coated

bullbar Hilux Revo 63mm
bullbar for SUV, offroad-cars, pickup
bullbar Toyota Hilux Revo 76mm
bullbar for SUV, offroad-cars, pickup








Shape of the bullbars:

The shape is largely determined by the legal regulations, ram protection which go around the headlights are no longer approved.
A common diameter of the tubes is 63 mm and 76 mm

If there is enough space on the off-road vehicle, any headlight can be mounted on the bumper.
Special headlights are available for this purpose.


Are bullbars allowed for SUVs in the EU?

bullbar that comply with current EU directives are permitted throughout the EU.
An “EC” identification is required on the bullbar, the necessary papers must also be supplied.


TÜV certification has not been valid for several years.


The “EC” approval has the advantage that an entry in the vehicle license is no longer required.

However, there is still a lot to be considered, so an assembly should only be carried out by a specialist workshop.
The mounting success at existing points, thanks to the good mounting kits, no drilling is necessary.

Special attention must be paid to the newer SUVs, for example, the driver assistance systems and the parking aid.
As far as we have the data, these are listed with the respective SUV front bumper, if this is not checked again after the order (or on request).

The front parking aid can be a problem with some models. However, there is a simple solution, if necessary a cover for the sensors of the parking assistance can be ordered, whereby not always all sensors have to be covered.
With cover, the function of the front parking aid is no longer available or only available in a limited way.


Optically matching articles:

Side protection, sidesteps, Side Bars with steps

For the rear:
Rear protection

For the pick-up platform:

All articles (except front bullbar) must be entered in the vehicle registration form, but a TÜV certificate is usually required.
If there is no TÜV certificate for a specific article, the registration should be discussed in advance with the responsible (decisive) authority.

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